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What you don’t know about money is costing you (tens of) thousands!

Great to see you here! It means you’re open to learning better ways to get ahead financially than the tired conventional money rhetoric.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Marla McAlpine, founder of Healthy Wallet. I’m a Mortgage Agent and Mortgage Reduction Expert..

But what’s MOST important for you to know, is I help homeowners find more money and own their home several years sooner.

If you want to build YOUR wealth — instead of your BANK’s wealth — you need the three keys to a Healthy Wallet. They are Clarity, Tools and Habits.

The first thing you need is Clarity. This is the foundation to financial health. It is knowing what you truly want to have and to experience in your life, and focus your spending there. You spend less money, and you are more fulfilled in the process.

‘Conventional Money Wisdom’ has taught us that what we want is a luxury, and that we have to eliminate these things to get ahead financially. This is why that wisdom doesn’t work (even if most everyone refers to it) — when you don’t have what you truly want and value in your life, you will waste money trying to fill the void some other way, yet you will not be satisfied.

That leaves you vulnerable to the bombardment of marketing messages out there telling you that ‘you are worth it’ and that happiness is found by buying that swanky SUV or super-awesome newfangled doodad. But maybe what you really want, instead of 70-hour workweeks to pay for that SUV in the office parking lot, is to spend more quality time with your family.

The second key is using the right Tools. The tools I use are mortgage products and money management systems. The mortgage I like to use enables you to pay tens thousands of dollars less in interest and shrink your debt quickly. You won’t hear much advertising for this type of mortgage, because the major Canadian banks don’t offer it. Even other mortgage agents are not fans of this product, and I can’t blame them. They are not trained on how to use it properly and therefore are not able to coach their clients on how to make it work for them. That’s not their fault, as they are well-meaning professionals. I have that training.

I pair the right mortgage with another tool: the right system that puts you in control of your money AND is easy to manage, even when your life may not be!

I often refer to budgets and why they don’t work for day-to-day money management… not only do they deny you what you want and value, since they are based in deprivation and restriction; they also disconnect you from your spending. I use a different system that is better suited to human nature than budgets, and gives you feedback on your progress in real time without having to enter every expense in a spreadsheet. I use this to manage my money. It has helped me create predictable results for myself and clients, and helped us reach money goals faster.

The third key is eliminating the self-sabotage that comes from unhealthy money Habits. You see, since we were never taught about money growing up, most of us have had to learn by trial and error. And some of those habits are taking you away from your wealth goals. This is where a coach comes in handy to help you implement a new way of working with your money, one that suits you and brings you closer to your goals.

Why am I telling you this? My knowledge and experience comes from having found myself with a six-figure income and $95,000 of debt (more than one year’s take-home pay), and the years I spent trying to turn my financial situation around in a way that makes it easy to get on track and stay on track. Once I discovered that the way that we are being told to manage our money was a load of bupkus, I pursued new options, found new mentors and pieced it all together.

If you want to reach your money goals faster, find more money and own your home years sooner, start looking at how the three keys to a Healthy Wallet can work in your life!

With gratitude, Marla