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Wealthy Wallet (Financial Wealth)

How about reaching your wealth goals faster, and have your money last beyond your lifetime?


I’m here to expose the myth of wealth-building. It’s not about amassing a big pile of money that you gradually spend in retirement, it’s about creating a steady cash flow that covers your expenses in perpetuity. Real estate has been a staple investment tool of the wealthy precisely for that reason.

Our WEALTHY WALLET services enable homeowners to reach wealth faster and retire early by leveraging the equity in their home as investment capital to create more cash flow through real estate investing:

  • finance real estate investment properties
  • invest in private mortgages
  • be educated on creative real estate investment financing and real estate-based wealth-creation options


Looking to generate a higher yield on your money than the banks offer, but investing in physical properties are not your thing? Consider investing in mortgages to generate better returns and reach your wealth goals. Registered and non-registered investment options available.

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