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Want more money today, AND pay off your debt and mortgage years sooner?

As a homeowner, would you like all of your debt, including mortgage, paid off several years sooner AND more money in your pocket pocket in the process?

If that’s you, keep reading!

The reality is that many homeowners will retire in debt and outlive their money.

The surprising fact is, despite good incomes and rising home values, many homeowners are actually living pay to pay.
A lot of them have debt, and cannot afford to invest and grow their wealth the way they should, or do the things they want. Some even use their home equity to cover expenses.
How did we get here?

Well, if you are like many folks, you work a lot of hours to make a lot of money, and then you spend a lot of money, without always knowing where it’s going. Then one day you look at your bank account – and the money you think should be there… just isn’t.

Then you start to worry about retiring in debt. Truth is, over half of Canadians today are doing just that – and as a result there is no money for the things they want, like travel or helping their kids. They start to wonder if they will outlive their money… and that’s scary.

If this is what you’re facing, or worried you might face, I want you to know that you’re not alone. But you also need to know there’s something you can do about it – if you start acting now.

When I work with my clients, I can find an average of $3,300 a month extra for them, after taxes. Money they didn’t even know they had. Could YOU use an extra $3,300 a month? Absolutely! What if it was only $900 a month extra? Would that help you?

And the good news is, you can find AND keep that money, if you know what you’re doing. I’m not just a Mortgage Agent; I’m also a Money Coach and a Mortgage Reduction Expert. My role at Healthy Wallet is to help people create positive financial shifts in their lives.

But it wasn’t always this way. I know first-hand how juggling life expenses and debt affects people’s lives. You see, I earned my MBA and climbed the corporate ladder. As my income grew to six figures, so did my debt!

My debt from student loans and credit cards ballooned to $95,000! I could not make sense of it and had no idea who to turn to… the banks? No. The more debt I had, the more money they made. And conventional money advice? It just didn’t work.

I realized I had to explore new options. And frankly, that’s the day I became my first client.

Once I worked out the process, I was able to pay off that debt and grow my net worth by $100,000 in just four years. And that’s with only a fraction of the tools and skills I have today. That’s why I created Healthy Wallet – to help others do the same… and better!

Just knowing there is a better way isn’t enough – you must take action or else things won’t change.

In follow-up blog posts, I will go into more detail about how you can find more money and own your home years sooner. Which is where you want to be — you lower your risk, build equity faster and have money for what matters to you. What’s not to love about that?

With gratitude, Marla