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One thing that I’ve observed through my adult life is traditional financial advice ignores the most important parts of your financial success: your beliefs and emotions about money.

Many people have financial baggage — an accumulation of unwanted financial issues brought on by years of unaddressed subconscious beliefs, and the subsequent negative emotions that well up whenever they are faced with a financial challenge. How many people does this affect? Year after year, the American Psychological Association releases findings that for about 76% surveyed, money is the number one stressor… ranking higher than work, health, or children. That’s THREE out of every FOUR people surveyed! This is a serious issue. And it’s no doubt with the economic turmoil happening all over the world the last few years, the statistics would be similar in other industrialized countries across the globe.

While the statistics are high, there’s one thing to remember: you are not alone when it comes to experiencing stress about money. Despite that, you’d be hard pressed to hear people speaking about their money stress at a cocktail party.

Your current financial situation is indicative of strongly-held, unconscious beliefs. The reason you haven’t been able to move past your current financial predicament is because everyone you’ve sought help from has tried to help you on a practical level. Just as you can’t fix your money problems with more money alone,  you can’t fix a money problem triggered by a non-serving financial mindset with a practical solution alone. If the how-tos were enough, we’d all be thin, rich and in love!



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  1. That is a very good (and funny, if slightly depressing) point about the how tos – I do think most things in life, especially attitudes to money, require a deep-down change to the way you think about money. It gets difficult when one partner has bad habits and often drags the ‘good with money’ partner down with them.

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