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If your market includes homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area, and you are looking for a speaker on the topic of money for your next conference or event, contact Marla today!

Marla McAlpine is known for leaving the audience with greater clarity on how to find more money and create more cash flow so they can have what matters most.



Marla Speaking at Hell Yeah X

About Marla McAlpine, MBA

Marla became passionate about helping others through her own journey, moving from living pay to pay to building wealth and living a richer life after experiencing her own money struggles.

Marla tried unsuccessfully to unlock herself from the pay to pay cycle for years by following conventional financial wisdom. In her earlier years of earning a six-figure income, she had almost six figures in debt. Spurred by her determination to change the ‘bag lady’ retirement she was on track for, she threw conventional money wisdom out the window and spent years searching for the right answers to successfully overcome her dysfunctional relationship with money.



“Good Morning! Arizona” Anchor Scott Pasmore (Far L) and Larry Winget, author of best-selling book “You’re Broke Because You Want to Be” (2nd L) on stage with Marla McAlpine (Far R) speaking on money in front of a live audience [with Monica Shah and Barbara Vrancik].

After turning her money around, she opened up to several of her friends who had also achieved career success, only to discover they too were looking for a way out of the pay to pay cycle. Marla’s personal quest became her mission: after she “cracked the code” on finding more money from her current income, then creating more cash flow, she launched her business, Healthy Wallet, to show others how to do the same. As a Money Mentor, Marla shows how you can keep more of your hard-earned money so you can pay down debt, build net worth and live the life you want without financial worry.

Marla is located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Consider Marla McAlpine as a keynote or session presenter at your next seminar, conference, or event. Marla can also speak on teleclasses, telesummits and webinars across the globe. She has also travelled to event locations in Canada and the US to help audiences make sense of their money.


“Many — even high-earners — have been unsuccessful in breaking free from the financial hamster wheel due to bad money advice. Conventional money wisdom is wrong, and following it keeps you broke.”

“You can be broke, even if you earn a six-figure income! Being broke (and worse, carrying personal debt) costs you more than just dollars and cents; it impacts your health, your relationships and your sense of worth. It robs you of goals, dreams and opportunities.”

— Marla McAlpine


Marla’s speaking engagements include the following events:

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Short bio

Marla McAlpine helps homeowners find more money and own their home several years sooner. Marla brings together her mortgage agent, money coaching and cash flow planning experience to find clients on average $3,300 per month after tax from their current income, and be mortgage-free and debt-free in half the time.

Marla also helps clients leverage their extra money to create more cash flow through real estate and mortgage investment vehicles to build their wealth faster.

You can find out more about Marla and her work at

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