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Welcome to our podcast page!

Since I am so passionate about helping people find more money and create more cash flow for what matters most in their lives, I’ve created this podcast series to share resources you may not be aware of that can help you find more money and create more cash flow.

Keep checking back as we will add more podcasts!



Gary Hibbert from Smart Home Choice interviewed me in a podcast in September 2016 — check it out! Here is the link to our podcast page on Gary’s site:

What you will learn on this podcast

– Do budgets work?
– Should you focus on real estate assets or mutual funds?
– How to find $3,300 per month more on average for homeowners
– How your financial habits are keeping you back in life
– The importance of creating a cash flow plan

Plus much much more!


Hope you enjoy — I’m sure you’ll be surprised at learning that conventional money wisdom doesn’t more you towards your financial goals like you thought they do 🙂






Will You Have Enough Money to Last You Through Retirement?

Interviewee: Adrian Blake, Retirement Income Specialist with Emeritus Financial in Burlington, Ontario.

Adrian Blake podcastHow do you know if you are on track for your retirement, or whether your retirement assets will give you the income you need to last through your full retirement? Adrian Blake knows, and can determine what you need in your go-go, slow-go and no-go years of retirement… and if you don’t have enough, how to change your income to be sure you don’t outlive your money.



Reclaiming Tax Money That is Rightfully Yours

Interviewee: Stan Samole, President and CEO of Family Tax Recovery, with two offices in Canada and one office overseas.

StanSamole3Is the CRA holding on to tax money that is rightfully yours? Here’s how you can find out, at no risk to you!

Family Tax Recovery (FTR) helps Canadian tax payers like you reclaim tax money that might rightfully be yours… some find $500, $1,000, even $10,000 to $50,000 and up! Best is, if FTR doesn’t find you money, you don’t pay.

*Disclosure: Healthy Wallet receives a fee from FTR for all referrals. This is disclosed in the podcast. The referral fee is paid by FTR, and not by you as a client. You will still receive the same amount you are entitled to.

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