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How shopping on your birthday can be good AND bad

I splurged.

Yep, just because I run a website about taking control of money doesn’t mean I don’t have human moments. In fact, if you know my back story, you probably wouldn’t be surprised that I could be prone to relapses.

Except this wasn’t a relapse; I splurged within my budget. And I am using this story on how, with my money system, you can splurge AND stay in control of your money.

Here’s the story. It’s my birthday. I walked to the hair salon and got my hair cut as planned. On my way back, I popped into Godiva chocolates. I remembered an email about free chocolate for my bday, so I went in to inquire. Next I was getting the free chocolate and started to choose some lovely truffles and chocolate covered strawberries because I also got a small birthday discount. Instead of going to the sale items, I went straight for the good stuff !

The cash rang in at $32.50. Oops! I knew right then and there that I got caught up with their display truffles instead of carefully pricing out their sales items first. Why? Because I hadn’t planned my visit. However, I had money in my emotional spending account, so I decided to stick with my hand-picked truffles and savor every bite (which I did – yum!). I’d simply find economies somewhere else.

Two doors down I stopped into Body Shop, also unplanned, although the thought of buying products there had previously crossed my mind. I am becoming more conscious about what I put in and on my body in my old age, and I was looking for natural shampoo and conditioner. Lucky for me, because it was my birthday I qualified to get their points program at no charge. At the cash I tallied the buy ($24.50) and I was just within my limit. So here I was, more or less done for the week in my emotional spending account… And it was only Tuesday! My new sonic toothbrushes will have to wait until next week, but that’s fine. I like the fact that there is a limited amount in my emotional spending account, because I don’t get caught up in a shopping frenzy and I can normalize more quickly than if I operated with no financial boundaries. Moreover, I don’t nurse guilty feelings.

Now, if only I could recover from eating all of that chocolate just as quickly!!

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