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Credit Consent and ID

One of the first steps in the mortgage review process is the credit bureau review. Your credit bureau includes your credit report and history, as well as your credit score. There are four steps:

1. Print, sign, date, scan (or take clear photo showing all edges) of credit consent form and send back through email. You can download the credit consent form here: CREDIT CONSENT FORM

2. Two pieces of ID: Along with your completed consent form, please send scans or clear photos of two VALID (i.e. not expired) Canadian ID, front and back. All four edges of ID must be visible. These can be:

  • 1 piece of government issued photo ID (i.e. Canadian Driver’s License, Passport, Provincial ID Card or Citizenship Card)
  • 1 additional piece of ID (i.e. Birth Certificate, or Major Credit Card, Driver’s License, Passport, or Citizenship Card)
  • DO NOT use OHIP card

3. Include the following information in your email:

  • Current living address, including postal code, and indicate what month/year you started living there
  • If living at current address for less than three years, include all previous living address(es) for up to a three year period, and include “from month/year to month/year” you lived at these addresses
  • These addresses must correlate to the addresses your creditors have on file (credit cards, etc.). If the addresses are different, please indicate what address(es) creditors would have on file

4. SIN (Social Insurance Number)

  • To ensure that we are pulling the correct credit report, it is ideal to have all applicants’ SIN numbers. Please provide those by calling my cell phone at 416.707.1020. If you reach my voicemail, go ahead and leave a message with your information.

It may take approximately two business days to complete once all proper information is received by us. You will be notified of results or when more information is required.

Thanks! Marla

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