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Want to Avoid the New Year Financial Hangover?

A few years ago, I learned to cut out not only my holiday bill stress, but my year-round holiday and gift buying stress… Completely! The challenge is, many folks spend during the holiday first, then tally up the total later. This often means overspending. I figured out that a little planning goes a long way. Here’s what I did: Use an Excel spreadsheet (makes calculations easier). Make a list of people you want to give gifts to for the holidays. Remember to add any small gifts you may buy like for office co-workers, team members, teachers, coaches, mail delivery, etc. Factor in any other holiday spending including party hosting, activities, Secret Santas, etc. Figure out how much you want to spent AS A WHOLE for all of this. Break down the per person gift budget. Don’t be surprised if you max out the budget before you are done allotting for […]

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