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1. Workshop: Get Rid of Your Mortgage Faster (without making extra payments)



Workshop: Get Rid of Your Mortgage Faster (without making extra payments)

Learn how to:

  • Save Thousands in Interest and Fees
  • Build Home Equity Faster
  • Be Debt-free Faster (incl. credit cards, lines of credit and car loans)
  • Improve Your Financial Health
  • Have More Money for What Matters


Saturday September 16, 2017  at  10:00am –  Click Here to Register
OLG Slots at Ajax Downs
50 Alexander’s Crossing, Ajax, ON L1Z 2E6
(Kingston Rd E. between Salem Rd. and Lake Ridge Rd.)  –  Free Parking on South Side; Parking Lot Shuttle Available

All current homeowners who tune into this presentation receive a report on their home’s current estimated value and a list of recent area sales, free of charge! (Value: $99)

This presentation is free, but you MUST reserve your seat to attend, as space is limited.


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About: Get Rid of Your Mortgage Faster (without making extra payments)

For current homeowners and first-time buyers!

This seminar is for homeowners carrying a mortgage and wanting to pay it off faster, and who prefer to save tens of thousands of dollars in interest rather than giving it to the bank! First-time home buyers are also welcome, as this information will make a big difference for your financial future.

All current homeowners who attend this presentation receive a report on their home’s current estimated value and a list of recent area sales, free of charge! (Value: $99)


Despite rising home values in the GTA, many homeowners will retire in debt and outlive their money.

The surprising fact is, even with good incomes and growing home equity, countless homeowners are only a few paycheques away from difficulty. Many have consumer debt and a questionable safety net, and cannot afford to invest and grow their wealth the way they should or want to. Some even use their home equity to cover expenses, further adding to their debt load.

The truth is, most Canadians are falling behind during their most productive income years, trying to juggle having a great life today and ensuring they have enough money for a great life tomorrow. The problem is, some homeowners don’t even know they are falling behind, until it’s too late.

Is it possible to accelerate wealth-building, even with all of life’s expenses vying for your hard-earned dollars? YES! However, the way most people try to pay down their debt, save for emergencies and build wealth is slow and outdated, which is why over 60% of Canadians are retiring in debt today.

The challenge is that homeowners don’t know where to get the right information or the proper guidance. The banks, which offer the majority of mortgage and debt products, are not interested in building your wealth, they are interested in building their wealth. So how you learn to get ahead?

Marla McAlpine, Mortgage Agent and Cash Flow Specialist is ‘Chief Money Finder’ at Healthy Wallet. She will demonstrate why the “old way” of becoming debt-free and building wealth is not compatible with how we live and work today, and following this outdated information increases the risk of outliving your money.

Use this valuable information to build equity in your home faster, pay off all debt years sooner and even leverage that equity to build your wealth faster.

Reserve your seat, as space is limited.



Marla McAlpine brings together her Mortgage Agent and Cash Flow Specialist experience together to help clients own a home, not a mortgage.

Marla helps homeowners own their home years sooner by getting them the right mortgage for their needs and goals, and showing them how to rid of it faster and save thousands in interest and fees, without making extra payments. They are mortgage-free and debt-free several years sooner, leaving them with more money for what matters most.

You can find out more about Marla and her work at, and

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