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Mortgage Reduction Strategies

Would you like more money in your pocket today and have all of your debt, including mortgage, paid off years sooner without making extra payments?

Own your home several years sooner, save tens of thousands in interest AND have more money left each month with no additional income needed!


Yes, it’s possible when you work with us… and no, it’s not voodoo or magic!


The key to our main mortgage reduction strategy is our CASH PERSONAL CASH FLOW PLANNING program. This program enables homeowners to find peace of mind and fund their dreams through rapid debt-elimination and equity-building:

  • be mortgage-free and debt-free years sooner
  • put years of mortgage payments back in your own pocket
  • build equity faster
  • add to your emergency fund
  • find on average $3,300 per month* more after tax
  • have more money for what really matters to you, and fund your dreams
  • >> all by using the same money you have now (i.e. your current income) and no extra payments, and
  • >> with little to no change to lifestyle!


We help homeowners find and keep more money by optimizing their mortgage and a Personal Cash Flow Plan to make best use of their income.

Our program combines goal setting, debt unification (typically through a specialized mortgage refinancing process rarely offered with other mortgage reps), a tailored Personal Cash Flow Plan to keep you on your goal path, WITHOUT tracking your expenses or deprivation. We include coaching to guide you to success and answer your questions. (See Personal Cash Flow Plan case studies)

You (or you and your spouse/partner) must:

  • live in Canada,
  • have sufficient income to cover expenses, and
  • own a primary residence or at least one real estate property that is eligible for refinancing (ideally with 30% equity or more)

To see if you qualify, book a call with us by clicking the button below to access our call calendar. In addition to the free call, we do an analysis FREE OF CHARGE to see if you can benefit from our CASH FLOW PLANNING program.


Yearly Reviews: For those who have gone through our CASH FLOW PLANNING program, we also offer yearly reviews for clients who want to continue succeeding with their finances and get more life out of their money.


Looking forward to speaking with you and giving you more life out of your money!


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* Personal Cash Flow Plans created in November 2015 by Certified Cash Flow Specialists(TM) found on average an additional $3,330/month for clients (without changing their income).

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