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Cash Flow Plan FAQs

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.”  —  Charles A. Jaffe


Q: What is a Cash Flow Plan?


A: A cash flow plan is a written document including specific advice on personal spending based on a standardized process that allows a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™  to take into account your income, expenses, proximity to retirement (or other major goals), assets and liabilities, and recommend how much you can spend on the things you can control in order to achieve your dreams.

A cash flow plan can:

  • Help you keep more money for better peace of mind
  • Find you the money to fund your dreams
  • Show you how to save tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in inefficient interest
  • Help you stop money leaks on stuff that does not matter, so you have more money for the stuff that does
  • Finally tell you how to make your money work for you, instead of cornering you into a restrictive budget

This cash flow plan is at the core of Healthy Wallet’s Cash Flow Plan, but it is not the only part! When we first work with clients, we do a plan, which takes a holistic approach to your cash flow. Yearly reviews are highly recommended, and we update the main plan to account for changes in our clients’ lives.


Q: Who Needs a Cash Flow Plan?


A: You are an ideal candidate for our Cash Flow Plan if you:

  • Have good income (either regular or irregular income)
  • Have financial goals or dreams that are not 100% funded yet
  • Don’t know when you’ll be entirely debt free and how much interest it will cost
  • Have an advisor who you pay to help you with your finances and no written financial or cash flow plan
  • Have more than a single debt
  • Know your money could do more for you!

CCS-Infographic-Debt_colliding_with_retirementClick image for PDF


Q: What’s the Difference Between a Budget and a Cash Flow Plan?


A: There is a HUGE difference! Budgets are good for specific projects with an end date. They do not work in the long run for most people trying to improve their financial situation because they focus on restrictions and ‘can’t haves.’

A cash flow plan is designed to enhance what you CAN HAVE through more CHOICE. A cash flow plan helps you fund your dreams while also helping you meet your financial goals. It’s the best of both worlds!LifeonaCashFlowPlan480-crop

Take a look at the chart below to see the difference between a Budget and a Cash Flow Plan. Once you see this, you will agree that a cash flow plan is a much better system to keep you on track financially. Best of all, you do not need to track every single penny you spend when using the cash flow plan system.
Budget vs Cash Flow Plan


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Q: What Does Your Cash Flow Plan Include?

A: Our Cash Flow Plan includes:

  • A letter of engagement outlining the process and commitment of all parties
  • Coaching and consulting from us on your values and goals, your money mindset, behaviours and blind spots, and how to best manage them
  • A written report that is easy-to-understand and use on a regular basis (includes your tailored cash flow plan)
  • Details on exactly HOW to alter your debts and cash flow patterns to achieve your dreams
  • A review process including a refreshed written plan

If you get a “cash flow plan” from a financial professional that does not include these components, it is not a cash flow plan!


Q: Can Anyone Create a Cash Flow Plan?

A: No. Many people in the financial industry, including banks, financial advisors and financial planners will say they can do cash flow planning for you, but what they really do is they tally up your income and expenses to show the difference — either positive or negative — in your spending. Then they might try to sell you more financial products or have you consolidate your loans, but offer no written plan or structure on how to eliminate your debt quickly and be tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead. If they do not do that for you, THAT is NOT cash flow planning!

If by the end of your interactions with them you do not have a written plan on how to accelerate reducing your debt within a specific amount of time (if you have any debt) AND how to maximize the amount of money you keep from your current income, you DO NOT have an effective cash flow plan like Healthy Wallet’s Cash Flow Plan!

Only Healthy Wallet can give you a Cash Flow Plan. Only those who are Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ (CCS) or those in training to become a CCS have the skills, knowledge and tools to administer the cash flow plan, which is an integral part of our Cash Flow Plan. Not everyone who signs up for the CCS program completes it. It takes rigorous study to complete the program and up to a year to become certified. There are yearly requirements to keep the designation active. At this time, there are only a small number of CCSs and CCSs-in-Training in North America.


Q: What is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist?


A: A Healthy Wallet Certified Cash Flow Specialist™:

  • Is specially trained to provide cash flow plans
  • Is focused on YOU and your goals, not on selling financial products
  • Must prove to be actively providing cash flow plans each year and complete an annual case study to keep their certification active
  • On average helps clients find $250,000 or more over a 10-year time frame

Only someone who is a CCS or a CCS-in-Training can use this logo:


When you see this logo, that is when you know you are dealing with a bona fide Certified Cash Flow Specialist™ (CCS), such as us. Our founder is a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™. Most Certified Cash Flow Specialists™ are also financial advisors, though virtually none offer money coaching.

Healthy Wallet is one of the few organizations that provides independent, objective money and cash flow planning. We do not sell financial products such as mutual funds and other investments or insurance. This way, you know the advice is truly independent! However, we are a great complement to your financial advisor, as having more money each month enables you to invest more and affords you the insurance that you need.

In addition to having her CCS designation, our founder also has an MBA from an established Canadian university, and years of money coaching training focused on money behaviours, emotions and beliefs that she learned to heal her financial challenges, as well as the challenges others face. Our founder is a big supporter of cash flow planning, as it was the only practical solution she has used (and she has tried several) that was easy for her and cash flow planning clients to stick with long term, because it was built for people with busy lives. You see, money is more than math; it is about behaviour. We show you a system that makes it easy to engage in good money behaviours to ensure success and fund your goals, while minimizing bad behaviours that sabotage your dreams. Our founder shares her expertise with clients and guides them through the process to ensure long-term success with their cash flow plans.


Q: Do you Provide Financial Planning, or Investment or Insurance Advice?

A: Our Cash Flow Planning process finds additional money for clients (money that used to slip through their hands). Clients often direct some of that additional money to investments and procuring insurance to cover their needs. That being said, we are not financial planners, investment or insurance advisors. We do not create financial plans, nor do we sell or advise on investment or insurance products. If you need help in those areas, we can refer you to valued specialists.


Q: Is a Cash Flow Plan Like Credit Counseling, Consumer Proposals or Debt Consolidation?

A: Our Cash Flow Plan is nothing like credit counseling, consumer proposals or debt consolidation. These usually show up on your credit history as a strike. Money Planning is a system to accelerate debt paydown and a way manage your income and expenses (without a budget or tracking all of your expenses every day), so you can have less stress and more enjoyment out of the money you have. Most importantly, your Cash Flow Plan is your customized tool and does not appear on your credit report.

Cash Flow Planning is ideal if you earn a good income and can keep up with your bills, and you know you could keep more of your money by making a few smart and easy changes with how you handle your money, if only someone would show you how (and we can). The best part is, because this is a SYSTEM (not a band-aid like other so-called solutions you see on TV), you can maintain a HEALTHY WALLET for LIFE!


Q: What are the Steps to Getting a Cash Flow Plan?

A: This video describes the main steps to a Cash Flow Plan. Note – the video describes an in-person visit… in fact, we can do everything by phone/video call. This means we can help more people living further distances from our office!



Q: I am a smart person. I should be able to figure this money stuff out for myself. Why do I need a Cash Flow Plan?

A: There is a great quote by Albert Einstein which sums it up: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” In other words, if your mind in its current state created your spending and money management patterns, then your mind in its current state will not be able to find the solution to improving your spending and money management patterns on its own. You will have to do one of two things: waste lots of time through trial and error finding a solution on your own, or hiring someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to present a new solution to you.

Since you are a busy and successful person, it’s infinitely easier to hire someone like us at Healthy Wallet to find that solution in a fraction of the amount of time, saving you thousands of dollars in inefficient interest and wasted money. You will be glad you did!


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