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How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything

How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything

Your money is a portal to other areas of your life. Heal your money and you find you automatically find freedom in many areas of your life where you once struggled. When we heal, we restore health from our core, from the inside out. Time and time again I see people try to ‘fix’ their financial problems instead of genuinely healing their relationship with money. I was guilty of that myself for a long time. Financial problems and money blocks are indicative of something else, something deeper that we often cannot see or don’t know is even there. When we attempt to fix, all we do is bandage the symptoms. Sometimes fixing the symptoms works for a while, and that fools you into thinking your problem is solved. But sooner or later issues crop up again. You haven’t healed, and if anything you have probably set yourself back, instead of moving […]

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