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About Healthy Wallet

Healthy Wallet is not just the name of our company, it is also our mission: helping people get ahead financially so they have more money for what matters. We do this by matching you with the RIGHT mortgage for your needs, circumstances and goals, and showing how to get rid of it sooner.


About Healthy Wallet’s Founder

Full_LoRes_021413MARLA McALPINE  MBA, CCS  helps her clients own a home, not a mortgage.

Marla helps homeowners and first-time buyers own their home years sooner by getting them the right mortgage for their needs and goals, and showing them how to rid of it faster and save thousands in interest and fees, without making extra payments. They are mortgage-free and debt-free several years sooner, leaving them with more money for what matters most.

As well as being the founder of Healthy Wallet, Marla is a Mortgage Agent and a Certified Cash Flow SpecialistTM. She also trained as a Money Coach.

Marla earned her MBA and climbed the corporate ladder. However, as her income grew, so did her debt. Despite a six-figure corporate income, Marla’s debt ballooned to $95,000!

Then she did something drastic. She stopped listening to conventional money wisdom and forged her own path. In just four years, Marla eliminated her debt and grew her net worth by $100,000. That’s why she created Healthy Wallet… to help others do the same.

Using what she calls the ‘3 Keys to a Healthy Wallet’, Marla helps her clients get rid of their mortgage years sooner and save thousands in interest, so they have more money for what matters.

Marla has shared the stage with six-time Wall Street Journal/New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker Larry Winget, and million-dollar business coaches Suzanne Evans, Pamela Bruner and Monica Shah, as well as award-winning Canadian business coach Pat Mussieux, Kevin T. Cahill – author of best-seller Gaining Clarity: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, and Laure Ampilhac – creator of the Six Degrees Real Estate Mixer.

Marla lives in the Greater Toronto Area with her husband and a gaggle of rescues: three black cats Marv, Chuck and Luna, and senior dog Sky. She loves to ride her sports motorcycle on beautiful days on scenic, twisty country roads, and gets out to the motorcycle track when she can


Paying it Forward

Marla is passionate about giving other women entrepreneurs a hand up — not a handout. A portion of our proceeds provide micro-credit funding for entrepreneurs through, and supports animal rescue groups (adopt… don’t shop!).


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