We find clients an extra $3,300* each month from their current income... money they did not know they had!


Dear Homeowners…

Have you asked yourself one of these questions?

“I earn a great income… Where does my money go every month?”

“How can I quickly pay down my debt and still have money left over?”

You are not alone! If you are a busy, successful income earner and want more left each month to live your life today while building your wealth for tomorrow, then you have come to the right place.

You have invested much to climb the ladder and earn your income… years of education, training and long hours of work. Problem is, you are not sufficiently converting your hard-earned income to wealth because you don’t have enough cash flow left to do so. It’s not your fault. You were never taught to manage that money in school or by anyone around you.

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits.”  —  Charles A. Jaffe

Today, you see the financial results of years of money leaks; the consequence of an inefficient money management system combined with counter-productive money behaviours. You would like to achieve your financial and life goals, but you feel frustrated because there should be more left at the end of the month to help you reach those goals (but there isn’t). Where does the money go? How can you get more control over your hard-earned money and keep more each month?

Stop spinning your financial wheels! Go from money confusion to a sound money management strategy by implementing a Cash Flow Plan from Healthy Wallet.

Eliminate your debt and ramp up your cash flow quickly, all while living a life you enjoy today (without living like a miser). If you’ve been unsuccessful with budgets, spending plans and tracking your spending, and you want an effective, easy solution that will catapult your cash flow and net worth, then you have come to the right place!



Most Canadians simply trade debt for more debt, by using lines of credit and credit cards while they pay off their mortgage, which leads to thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest flying out of your account and into the hands of the bank. If this is you, don’t blame yourself! You don’t know what you don’t know. Like most of our clients, you have had neither the time nor the resources to know any other way. We will show you the accelerated path to debt freedom, giving you more peace of mind!

Cash Flow Planning clients find on average $3,300 more after tax every month from their current income by using a tailored cash flow plan to manage their hard-earned money and stop money leaks, money they use for what matters in their life. What would you do and have with an extra $40,000 a year?

Pay down debt and ramp up your savings and have more money to invest by making a few small changes with your current income. You can stop wishing you could do something and start living it!

Our Cash Flow Planning process is not budgeting, it’s lifestyle cash planning. Clients with debt and cash flow plans are tens — even hundreds — of thousands of dollars ahead financially. They are on track to be debt free, including their mortgage, years sooner and are enjoying life more today without sacrificing their future.



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We were not taught how to make our money work for us when growing up… The good news is, you can change that now! Get your CASH FLOW PLAN from HEALTHY WALLET and you will move from financial confusion to financial clarity in the blink of an eye. And when life happens to your finances, you will have a plan and a system to turn roadblocks into speed bumps and bounce back quickly.





* Cash flow plans created in November 2015 by Certified Cash Flow Specialists(TM) found on average an additional $3,330/month for clients (without changing their income).

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